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Make your digital content appealing
Thrive Marketing Strategies • July 17, 2014

Content marketing is hot. And for good reason!

By now we should all know that offering value-added content (and delivering on that offer!), is a necessity to attract new customers. But, with so much content out there being offered, how do you make yours the most attractive?

Make it Flashy

That’s just it; make it attractive. You must deliver on your content promise to “make someone smarter, richer, healthier…whatever!”

But to get it download, you must make it pretty. No, an underlined link is not enough, no matter how impactful the material.

Use Tools

Use your computer’s screenshot tool, or download an app like Snagit. Doll up the cover to make it appealing and eye-catching. Explain the contents but not in too much detail. Add a nice drop shadow. Keep the design light and bright.

Some of the best pieces offered won’t be downloaded, simply because the publisher did not play on the audience’s senses and emotions.

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