Your Business Needs a Marketing Plan

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Your Business Needs a Marketing Plan
Thrive Marketing Strategies • February 2, 2023

A marketing strategy and a written marketing plan are two assets your business needs to grow. Think of your marketing strategy as the overall “big idea” (or typically, “ideas”) of how you’ll grow your business. Your marketing plan lays out goals, strategies, implementation tactics, and actionable steps you will take to achieve your vision.


“The right strategist can distill your goals into an actionable plan that you can use to start growing your business today!” ~ Alissa Paik


The first step in working with Thrive to create your Strategy-First Marketing Plan is to jump on a short consultation call with us to discuss your specific needs and goals, in-depth information about the value you will receive from the marketing plan and answer any questions you may have. The next meeting is where we go deep and get rolling! At this assessment meeting, we ask the “hard questions” in order to dig deeper into your vision. We’ll also take a look at the systems and processes you currently possess to discover how we can utilize them + innovate to reach your goals.

After your assessment and performing a full audit of your online and offline presence, our team of marketing experts will build a marketing plan focused on your specific priorities and goals. This is when we get to do our magic! Your plan will include tactics pertaining to key messaging, branding opportunities, digital advertising, SEO, and more, as well as a 30/60/90 day implementation timeline. 

Our process will take between 2-3 weeks to complete, as each and every piece of information is personalized with your business in mind. Once we’re finished, you can expect to receive a personalized marketing plan, along with additional resources – a social media content calendar template that includes one month of social content written by our team, an annual advertising budget customized for your organization, and a curated list of vendor recommendations. 

When your business chooses to partner with Thrive for a Strategy-First Marketing Plan, here are a few things you can look forward to:

  • Save money immediately by making better investment decisions. We’ll often identify expenses for you to stop paying, in addition to identifying the best advertising opportunities for you to start investing in.
  • Receive a written road map to share with your stakeholders. Your team and your vendors will know exactly what to do and what is expected of them to uphold your definition of success.
  • Set yourself on the right foundation now. Whether you have a team or are a solopreneur, this is the plan that will guide you as you grow for years to come.
  • Save time and energy and create a work-life balance that brings you joy. Form a plan around your specific desires for what success in business looks like.
  • Understand how to attract your ideal customers and repel the customers and clients who don’t align with your business. This can be the biggest return on investment of all!

If you are a business owner or business leader with a clearly defined vision and goals but are unsure of the next steps you should be taking in your marketing, Thrive’s Strategy-First Marketing Plan may be what your business needs to grow! Complete our inquiry form today. We’ll answer any questions and get started on creating a marketing plan that will take your business to the next level in 2023.

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