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Taking your offline online: Online Testimonials
Thrive Marketing Strategies • November 11, 2015

How many times have you thought to yourself (or actually said out-loud) “I wish I had a tape recorder”, when a customer raves about your business?

With reviews at our finger tips in seconds, the majority of today’s consumers do online research before making any purchasing decision. If you’re not online, you don’t stand a chance.

Here are some suggestions for gaining quality online testimonials + reviews:

Take video recordings (or pay someone else to) of your customers’ testimonials. Ask them questions to provoke quality responses that will help future customers make a better buying decision.

Take those quotes and use them to promote your business on your website, blog and social media. Don’t have an online presence? Reviews are just another opportunity that should push you toward this no-brainer investment.

Should you use quotes in your printed materials? Absolutely! But your online content has the potential to make an impression on an incredible number of people with very little effort on your part.

Be sure to tell your customer or client what you’ll be doing with their quote. And encourage them to also visit the top rating sites for your industry to share their testimonial. This creates more of a diverse online presence to impress future customers + helps to boost your search engine optimization (SEO).

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