4 Reasons Why Businesses Hire a Marketing Consultant

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4 Reasons Why Businesses Hire a Marketing Consultant
Thrive Marketing Strategies • July 10, 2015

At some point, almost every small business owner is faced with the issue of outsourcing. While nearly any task can be subcontracted in some way, one of the most common areas we see is marketing. Business owners know everything about their business, and a lot about their customers, but they may not be experts in marketing. Many business owners we work with in the Evansville area seek answers to questions like: How do I get people to know about my business? Where are my prospective customers looking for information? How can I help customers know what makes me different from my competition?

Below are four reasons hiring a marketing consultant will help you answer these questions and give you more time for the things you do best.

1. More time

This is what every small business owner wants to hear. By hiring a marketing consultant, the small business owner can take a step back and immediately free up time. For those who haven’t set time aside for marketing, it will allow you to focus more of your efforts on other core parts of your business without the nagging voice in your head reminding you that you’re dropping the ball on marketing. More time means more money.

2. More knowledge

We see many owners using marketing tactics that have lost power over recent years such as printed flyers, telemarketing, mass mailings and sending out catalogs. While some forms of traditional marketing can still work for your brand, there’s a whole medium of digital marketing that many small business owners have left untapped. Bringing in the right marketing consultant will not only improve your online presence, but also help to stabilize your entire business.

3. More results

This may go without saying, but bringing in an expert from the marketing field will bring you more results. Have you tried placing ads or hosting special events without reaping much reward? Bringing in the right marketing consultant will quickly turn this around. A marketing professional will be able to better plan, organize and execute these tactics in a way that will drive more leads that will convert to new customers. Just like time, more results means more money in your pocket.

4. More peace of mind

Hiring a marketing consultant means you won’t be held responsible for any marketing mishaps, right? Not exactly, but bringing in additional help will allow you to be more at ease with your image. Many small business owners we talk to have concerns that they aren’t creative enough, or that they’ll say the wrong thing. When it comes to working in their own business, they’re passionate and knowledgeable, but they may not be the best with writing an article, creating attention-grabbing advertisements or managing a Facebook page. Hiring a marketing consultant will allow you to bypass these types of problems and rely on an expert to stimulate creativity. Of course, you will be kept in the loop, able to contribute ideas and be expected to give your feedback and approval, but ultimately the marketing professional should be there to successfully translate these ideas into real marketing strategies that produce results.

What are you going to do today to bring yourself more time, money, results and peace of mind? You deserve it.

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