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Content Marketing for Your Small Business
Thrive Marketing Strategies • September 16, 2014

Content marketing (have you heard this buzzword?) is a tool to attract and engage. The idea is that you provide valuable content (either free or gated) that is particularly valuable to the audience you’re looking to attract.

When people see what you’re giving away for free, they’re bound to ask, “If this is free, how awesome is their stuff I can buy?”

How would you like to attract more customers – and not just any customers – qualified ones? Your prospects will love that it’s free (everyone loves free), and hopefully your prospective customers also love to learn. This is one of the traits I look for when qualifying a prospect. You’re looking for people who want to learn and grow from your product or service, not those expecting to sit back and watch you do the work. Tempting prospects with your free content is not necessarily going to bring out only the best. But, it is getting you on the right track.

Brainstorm some ways you can provide free education or resources to your clients. Find a topic that’s relatable to the majority of your clients. Better yet, find topics your customers are passionate about. Are they all going through similar struggles?

But please, don’t make it all about you. When done correctly, content marketing is a magnet. It draws new customers in. But, it is subtle. People will want to be near you. They will want to know you. Because you’ve got the goods.

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