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The 3 E’s of Marketing
Thrive Marketing Strategies • April 30, 2021
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As the era of social media continues to set the bar for new marketing strategies, it’s time we reflect and update the way we, as marketers, respond to new trends, generational preferences, and consumer behaviors.

One of the first things you learn as a marketer are the 4 P’s – product, place, price, and promotion – and the importance of utilizing them to market efficiently and effectively. However, as times change we have had to adapt to the digital age of marketing.

While marketers continue to focus on the 4 P’s, they also need to recognize the 3 E’s of marketing – equip, engage, empower – as Kimberly Whitler of Forbes pointed out. Not only are the 3 E’s applicable to digital marketing, but also to other types of marketing (inbound, outbound, SEO, copywriting, etc.).

What is marketing without engagement? Unsuccessful.

It’s important to engage and connect with your clients and their customers to create and solidify a relationship. Now, everything is dependent upon how strong of a relationship you have with clients and customers. For marketers, it’s important we hold a steady relationship with our clients to create trust and provide them with the highest quality work. For our clients, it’s creating relationships with customers (both returning and potential) in order to build a foundation of trust and keep them interested in said product or service. Simply put by Whitler, “Give your fans the gift of you.”

Secondly, as marketers, it is our job to equip our clients with the information and resources needed to generate relationships with people and ultimately produce returning customers. We need to give customers a legitimate reason to rave about our clients’ product or service. Whether it’s revolutionizing an industry, solving a problem, or innovating an existing market, it is our job to create the rave.

Lastly, we must empower our clients’ customers. Today, people want to be involved in your brand. They want to feel like they are a part of something, and by involving customers, it empowers them to become an ambassador for your client’s product or service. This can be done in many ways today: social media polls, reviews (most popular!), blogs, ambassador programs, paid partnerships, etc.

Remember, the 4 P’s of marketing are still important and relevant to this day, however, some marketers are missing out on opportunities because they have yet to recognize the 3 E’s of marketing and their relevance to the digital era.



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