4 Ways to Be More Authentic with Your Marketing

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4 Ways to Be More Authentic with Your Marketing
Thrive Marketing Strategies • October 7, 2020
Learn more about how to be authentic with your marketing from this blog post from Thrive Marketing Strategies, an Marketing Firm in Evansville.

In today’s world, consumers can spot disingenuous marketing from a mile away. Folks are becoming more and more conscious of their buying habits and want to align themselves with brands they can relate to. When we feel connected to a product or service, it’s likely we’ll turn into lifelong customers, and on top of that, tell everyone we know about you—because we think you’re that great! So, how do you turn your customers into true fans of your brand? The secret is through authentic marketing.

Every successful brand knows that earning consumers’ trust and loyalty is one of the most important parts of their business. Here are a few marketing strategies you can start doing today to gain trust and create authentic connections with your consumers.

1.     Give your Audience a Behind-the-Scenes Look

You know that feeling you get when you watch a blooper reel from your favorite movie or series? You can’t help but smile because it makes the characters you’ve come to know and love even more endearing. There’s something to be said about letting your audience take a “behind-the-scenes” view of your business. Those who are fans of your company are curious about how it all works.

Of course, you want your branding to be beautiful and professional looking, but it’s okay to let your authentic self shine through from time to time. Show the ups and downs of your business. Let your audience see where you started, and how you got where you are today. They want to be a part of it. No one’s path to success is perfect—let your audience see that!

2.     Tell Your Story

Maybe to you, the story of how you got from Point A to Point B in your business isn’t exactly a nail-biter, but for your audience, it often adds another level of connection.

You could tell the story of how tending to your grandparents’ garden made you love the outdoors and eventually start your own landscaping business. Or, the story of how a girl from Kentucky fell in love with a boy from Paris and started a vineyard together.

People who care about your brand want to know more about it, and giving them a peek into your past allows them to feel like they’re part of it all.

3.     Define What Makes You Stand Out

It’s important to know exactly what makes your business so special. Think about this for a minute—when your customers or clients compliment your work, what elements give you the largest sense of pride?

“I love it when people say that our customer service was the best they’d ever experienced.”

“When customers tell us that our food reminds them of home, it makes me feel like I’ve done my job right.”

“It makes me proud when people say that our product is of such high quality that they won’t buy it anywhere else.”

Whether it’s your high level of customer service, the quality of your product, or the way the overall experience makes your customers feel, knowing what makes your business stand out above the rest allows you to have a focus for your marketing. Define what makes you special, and tell your audience why you’re so passionate about what you do.

4.     Be Clear on Your Audience

If Lady Gaga decided to tone down her appearance to appeal to a broader audience, chances are she wouldn’t be as popular as she is today. If you try to appeal to everyone, you end up becoming a watered down version of yourself. Define who your audience is and focus on speaking directly to them. There’s a reason people are loyal to certain brands—in some ways, it aligns them with a community of people with shared interests. The way you market your business should be unique to your audience.

All of that said, if there’s one marketing trend that’s here to stay, it is authenticity! Being authentic and sharing more of who you are in your marketing allows you to connect with your customers on a deeper level. Authenticity leads to trust, and trust leads to lifelong fans of your brand.

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