Work-Life Balance: Helpful Hints to Lessen Stress During the Workweek

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Work-Life Balance: Helpful Hints to Lessen Stress During the Workweek
Thrive Marketing Strategies • May 13, 2020

In a world where the professional and personal demands of our lives often collide and compete, we long for more work-life balance. You will get stressed from time to time, but it’s important to remember that we need to manage our stress for the good of our health, our family, our jobs and our relationships with others. Take a look at some of the things we at Thrive like to do to help manage our stress:


It’s a known fact. Getting a good sweat in releases positive endorphins that just make you feel good…not to mention the mounds of health benefits associated with incorporating exercise into your daily life. If you’ve not already started a daily workout regimen, now is the best time to start.


Even if you only have a few minutes between meetings, errands, practices…etc. Take some time to close your eyes, silence your phone and everything around you and just be. Giving yourself a moment of silence can do wonders for your mind and your patience level. We like to take a pause a few times throughout the day.

Read a Book/Magazine/Favorite Blog

Forget about reading the thousands of emails going in and out of your inbox and grab your favorite novel or magazine or pull up your favorite blogger. Reading something you enjoy will allow your mind a break, and you’ll return to your work ready with focus.

Take a Hot Bath/Shower

Taking a hot bath or shower gives you some time to just be alone and away from the world around you. Not to mention the heat of the of the water and the steam surrounding you help to relax your muscles and ease some of that built-up tension.

Snuggle with a Pet or Loved One

Sometimes all you really need is a hug, whether it’s from your four-legged friend or a special friend, family member or spouse. Knowing someone is there for you makes you feel like you’re not alone.

Keep a Journal

At the end of each day, write down your feelings and anything bothering your mind. This gives you a chance to get it all out and on paper, so you’re not keeping stressful thoughts and feelings inside. And often when you write it down, it’s not as bad as it seems.

Jam to Your Favorite Music

Put on some of your favorite tunes and jam out. Go ahead, dance and sing, too! Singing and dancing to music also releases those positive endorphins that help keep us happy.

Get Good Rest

Just like your mother always used to say, “You need your beauty rest.” – and you certainly do! Making sure you get a good night’s rest allows your brain to “sleep” as well, which helps you to be your best you each day and gives you a fresh start.

Talk to Someone

Bend the ear of a close friend, family member or a licensed therapist. Having someone to chat with gives you someone who can empathize and show you you’re not the only one who has ever felt this way. But, often a therapist with proper training will give you the best advice. You may be surprised how much good it can do to talk to someone and have someone to walk you through your personal techniques for coping with stress. Don’t be afraid to make that call.

Every one of these activities can help to lessen your stress and improve your work-life balance.

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